More than 100 years of experience and passion, combined in a manufacturing operation that uses the most up-to-date engineering craftsmanship and innovation – that’s LDW. We supply reliable machines to meet the individual requirements of our customers. At LDW, we produce complex, high quality, hand-made three-phase motors, synchronous generators, compact asynchronous motors and DC machines, using modern technology. Our machines signify stability and character. They offer impressively high operational safety, long service life and reliability – simply premium quality “Made in Germany”.

Each of the countless manual operations required to construct the machines is handled by our 130 or so employees. Our team is experienced and ready to perform and create solutions. We are simply passionate about what we do and are so capable of – building reliable machinery! The challenge of developing the optimal solution for every need and always delivering the best quality while doing so is what distinguishes our working method. Our ambitious solutions are based on continual research and development. We work with various academic institutions to develop the optimal solution for any project.

All under one roof: At LDW the entire life cycle process of a machine is supervised – from development and construction, to production and commissioning, plus ongoing support through the provision of spare parts and regular revisions.

As an SME, the pathways through LDW are short. We carry out the entire design and production process for the machines at our headquarters in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. We offer our customers individual, personalised support. We also aim to guarantee the same contact all the time. Our customers benefit from the tight dovetailing of our team – especially through fast, reliable service.

LDW technical sales are active internationally and across the globe. One of the important pillars of our business is that we are there on site with our customers – before, during and after the delivery of our products.

Since 2017 we are part of Powertrans S.A. from Luxembourg.