With our capable development department, we implement specific customer requirements professionally. In doing so we constantly have system and process optimisation in sight. This distinguishes us from manufacturers of standard machines.

Our skills include:

  • Mechanical adaptation of the machines to the existing installation conditions
  • Electrical design, taking into account the local requirements
  • Weight optimisation to reduce customer investment
  • Particularly high levels of effectiveness and associated efficiency
  • Low starting currents with a simultaneously high starting torque
  • Low acoustic pressure levels to protect the personnel and adhere to environmental standards
  • Low vibration design to protect the machines in operation
  • Low structure borne noise, especially with offshore applications

What we promise, we deliver: The machine properties we promise are verified in our test bay.

The documentation for almost every AEG large-scale machine and Garbe Lahmeyer machine built in the past 100 years is stored in our extensive archive. We offer globally qualified service and spare parts for these, plus completely identical replicas.


Only reliable technologies and proven materials are used in all our machinery. We supply products for the highest of requirements, all “Made in Germany”. The customised key account system and project-specific process organisation guarantee complete fulfilment of customer expectations. We implement the wishes and requirements of our domestic and international customers with professionalism.

Besides the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certification, LDW also has approval to build machinery of the highest standards for explosive environments such as the chemicals industry, mining and the oil and gas industry (ATEX/IEC EX – apparatus for explosive atmospheres).

Our staff is important to us. We are conscious of our social responsibility towards them and are certified to DIN EN ISO 45001 (health and safety at work).

Selected certifications at a glance:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management)
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management)
  • DIN EN ISO 45001 (health and safety at work)
  • ATEX/IEC EX (apparatus for explosive atmospheres)

DIN EN ISO 9001 (PDF | 1,4 MB)
DIN EN ISO 14001 (PDF | 1,4 MB)
DIN EN ISO 45001 (PDF | 1,4 MB)
ATEX/IEC EX (PDF | 569 kb)

Furthermore, our products meet all established IEC, EN, ISO and DIN standards and, where required, the directives of classification societies such as GL, LRoS, RINA, BV, ABS, DNV and more.


The way we work at LDW is environmentally- and resource-friendly. We are committed to ecological responsibility and strive to work with renewable energies such as wind and hydro-power and geothermal energy. Our aim is to keep transport routes short to help save resources.

We keep our standards concerning environmental management certification (DIN EN ISO 14001) fully up to date all the time. We limit the proportion of hazardous materials used in our products as far as possible. Our customers can rely on the quality of the materials we use.