Test benches

Synchronous motors for wind power nacelles


Application: Motors as driver for wind power nacelles.

Power: 2 x 5,000 kW

Speed: 11 rpm

Weight: 532,000 kg

DC Motor for Gearbox Test Rig

Application: Motor for testing gearboxes.

Power: 1,000 kW

Speed: 20-800/2,100 rpm

Weight: 5,700 kg

Special design with air-water-cooler below the motor.

Asynchronous motor for a wind tunnel


Application: Motor drives fan for a climatic wind tunnel for automobile industry.

Power: 5,000 kW

Speed: 0-330/347 rpm

Weight: 30,000 kg

Asynchronous motor for climatic tunnel test rig


Application: Motor drives fan of climatic wind tunnel. In this wind tunnel trains up to 100m length can be tested.

Power: 4,750 kW

Speed: 440 rpm

Weight: 26,000 kg

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