Permanent magnet machine

By using powerful permanent magnets, our newly developed permanent magnet machines offer the highest efficiency with compact and lightweight design. Our engineering department customizes the machine design to meet your needs. Whether designed as “high torque machines” with low speeds and very high power densities or as “high speed machines” with very high speeds and extremely high power densities, we will work with you and for you to develop an optimized overall concept for almost any application.

  • Voltages up to 15 kV
  • Torques up to 4.000 kNm
  • Speeds up to 20,000 1/min
  • Power Generators up to 60.000 kVA at 1,500 1/min
  • Electrical Equipment for Gas Explosion endangered Areas of Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • Tailor-made Machine Design optimized for Customer Requirements
  • LDW fulfill all Standards and Certifications such as IEC, EN, VDE/DIN, ABS, API, ANSI, BV, DNV, GOST, LRS
  • High Torque machines with low speeds and very high power densities with the objective of avoiding the use of gearboxes or reducing the number of gear stages.
  • High speed machines with very high speeds and extremely high power densities. Because of the higher power density compared to asynchronous machines and the lower losses of the machines at the same power, permanent magnet machines can generally be built smaller or more power can be generated from the same size. With smaller size, the rotor has a significantly lower mass moment of inertia, which is a great advantage for dynamic applications such as test benches.
  • Permanent magnet machines have virtually no rotor losses compared to asynchronous machines and classic synchronous machines.
  • Highest efficiency (low inverter current)
  • Good thermal behavior (no rotor losses)
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple construction (no slip rings and no rotor cooling required)
  • Good field weakening behavior
  • Optimized for highest torques and speeds
  • In low and medium voltage
  • Operation at frequency converter
  • All common types of protection and cooling available

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