Synchronous generators

Synchronous generators from LDW are highly versatile and are used in shipbuilding, power stations and many other applications. Our generators can be driven by gas, steam or water turbines as well as diesel engines and other drivers.

Synchronous generators from LDW have a high degree of efficiency and operate with extreme effectiveness. We develop and manufacture generators of the highest quality standards.

LDW supplies synchronous generators with an output range from 4,000 to 60,000 kVA.

Other features of the generators:

  • Synchronous generators 4,000 kVA to 60,000 kVA at 1,500 rpm
  • Synchronous generators 4,000 kVA to 25,000 kVA at 150 rpm
  • Voltages up to 15 kV
  • All prevalent types of construction, cooling and protection
  • Variants for explosion endangered areas of zone 1 and zone 2 in protection classes Ex “px” and Ex “pz” for pressurised enclosures
  • Increased safety Ex “e” and protection class Ex “nA” in accordance with ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, IECEx Scheme and IEC/EN 60079 ff series of standards

Synchronous generators from LDW run reliably with a long service life even under the most difficult environmental conditions. Due to continuous product optimisation they are highly energy-efficient and economical to operate. In the event of a repair, the components are easy to access and replace. Our generators are also distinguished by low noise emissions.

Our synchronous generators are completed by an optimally adapted exciter system which we also supply with generator protection if the customer requires this. This ensures a high control dynamics. This is why they are safe to operate and have a long service life.

Other benefits:

  • Individual design taking the power network conditions into account
  • Adaptation to existing foundation (retrofitting)
  • Symmetrical ventilation of active parts and winding, resulting in uniform warming and a longer service life of the machine
  • High quality VPI-type insulation system for operational safety and a long service life
  • Easily accessible and replaceable exciter machine for short downtimes in the event of damage
  • 24-h service through our qualified technicians

Our synchronous generators are specially optimised for the specific application of the customer, e.g. if used for water power turbines with regard to runaway speed and turbine force absorption. Where diesel generator sets are used, the vibration load in particular is taken into account. On request, we will also construct the generator with a forged-on flange. A high degree of efficiency is ensured for all generators.

According to requirements our machines are designed as drum or salient pole machines. With salient pole machines, the poles can be replaced separately since they are individually attached to a cast rotor hub. To prevent problems related to parallel operation with other generators or the network, we design our synchronous generators with a generously dimensioned damper cage.

In addition, our customers can choose from a large number of digital controllers. On request, we supply complete generator control cabinets including regulator, generator protection and synchronisation.

The generators from LDW are designed in all prevalent types of protection and cooling as well as for indoor and outdoor installation. Even for difficult applications and environmental conditions as well as explosion-endangered areas we manufacture the machines to match these conditions perfectly.

LDW manufactures its synchronous generators with brushless excitation as standard. On request, we also supply synchronous generators with sliprings.

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