In 1915, in the middle of the First World War, Lloyd Dynamowerke (LDW) was founded with the support of Norddeutscher Lloyd. The aim was the professional development and manufacturing of electrotechnology, including electrical propulsion technology for ship-building. In the same year, Albert Einstein delivered his first lecture on the General Theory of Relativity that he had developed.

In 1934, AEG took over all LDW business areas. For more than 60 years LDW was an important part of the AEG Group, responsible for electrical motors and generators with an output range of up to 60 MW. During these years, LDW always managed to exploit and promote technological progress.

LDW not only outlasts technical and commercial changes but uses them to develop the enthusiasm, flexibility and readiness to change and perform that is still evident today.

Even today, thousands of machines and systems with AEG LDW engines and generators are in use all over the world.

Following its disincorporation from the AEG Group in 1999, LDW became and independent company again. Since April 2017 we have been part of the Powertrans S.A. from Luxembourg. We area German mid-sized company based in Bremen, and Europe and the world is our market.