Mining industry

Water mantle cooled DC and AC motors for shearer loaders


Application: Motors in explosion-proof design as drive for shearer loaders in coal mines.

Haulage motor:

Power: 90 kW

Speed: 1,750 rpm

Weight: 790 kg

Lump breaker motor:

Power: 100 kW

Speed: 1,476 rpm

Weight: 785 kg

Haulage motor:

Power: 35 kW

Speed: 1,750 rpm

Weight: 580 kg

DC-motor for mine winder


Application: DC-motor as drive for a mine winder in a copper mine. The new motor replaced a 70 year old British DC-motor.

Power: 1,640 kW

Speed: 20-285 rpm

Weight: 22,140 kg

DC-motor as main winder for a mine


Application: Motor replaced an old motor from 1977 and is mounted on winder shaft in a coal mine.

Power: 2,100 kW

Speed: 47.75 rpm

Weight: 40,000 kg

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