The repair works are located at our site in Bremen. Through the utilisation of all the resources of our manufacturing operations our customers enjoy all the benefits of repairs, maintenance and reconditioning in accordance with the DIN IEC60034-23 standard.

For work on explosion-proof machines we can provide all the certificates required for order fulfilment in full compliance with legal provisions. LDW has a certified expert and the legally binding permits ATEX, PTB KTE etc. required for a professional execution.

All AEG documents from around 100 years of electrical engineering are available in their entirety within our company. This enables us to carry out repairs, supply spare parts or complete machines that are electrically and mechanically interchangeable. As part of this process we upgrade these procedures in step with the latest technological developments. The energy balance is thereby significantly improved on a regular basis. The environment and safety at work are also essential factors when developing new machines components. Since insulation materials containing asbestos were used up the 1990, we take great care in our dealings with the relevant regulations and help the operator to dispose of and handle these materials accordingly.

After the machines have been delivered, all products fall within the responsibility of our after-sale services. The short distances to our specialist departments in our works ensure that customer support can be provided quickly and facilitate long-term product improvements.

Knowledge acquired over decades relating to development, construction, manufacture and reconditioning of DC machines has established LDW as one of the leading manufacturers in this industry. This know-how could be used to significantly improve the operating parameters of the machines as part of a machine overhaul.

If operational behaviour is impaired, customers can obtain optimal adjustments with the help of our mobile commutation testing unit. The repair and renewal of large commutators is also part of our product range.