Plant engineering

Main drives for turbo compressors

Application: Asynchronous motor and synchronous motor as drives for turbo compressors in a steel mill.

Asynchronous motor

Power: 9,300 kW

Speed: 1,493 rpm

Weight: 23,500 kg

Synchronous motor

Power: 15,300 kW

Speed: 1,500 rpm

Weight: 32,500 kg

Synchronous motor for compressor

Application: Synchronous motor for compressor in an air-separation plant.

Power: 15,000 kW

Speed: 1,500 rpm

Weight: 46,000 kg

Asynchronous motor for pumps

Application: Asynchronous motor drives a boiler feed pump in a power plant.

Power: 12,500 kW

Speed: 1,491 rpm

Weight: 28,200 kg

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