Spare parts

Machines are only as reliably available as their spare and wear parts. We therefore offer a comprehensive range of all important services. Thanks to our extensive archive, we are in a position to offer spare parts and services even for older machines from LDW, AEG and Garbe-Lahmeyer. We only need the serial number of the old motor or generator to provide or manufacture the corresponding spare parts.

We are happy to assist with any question you have concerning our spare parts services, tender preparation or on-time procurement and delivery. The quality specifications we have for new parts of course also apply to our spare parts

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Other services:

  • Express service for “ad-hoc” repairs
  • Express supply of wear materials
  • Development and manufacture of spare parts if the original parts are no longer available
  • Advice regarding spare part stocks

Spare parts packages for DC machines

Despite the high quality of our products, the service life of some components is essentially determined by operating and environmental conditions. To avoid costly downtimes it is essential to implement preventative measures. Stocking spare parts is one example of such a sensible measure. Specially for LDW DC machines we therefore offer individual spare part kits or individual components:

Our basic spare part kit consists of:

  • 1 set carbon brushes
  • 1 set of bearings for drive and driven side
  • 1 set filter elements (for external fine filters or coolers)
  • 1 set of tacho carbon brushes

In addition, we recommend the extended spare part kit:

  • 1 unit brush bridge with brush holder or separate brush holder (depending on the motor size)
  • 1 unit rotor with winding (ready for installation)
  • 1 set of main and commutating pole coils attached to pole core (ready for installation)
  • 1 unit tacho-generator or encoder
  • 1 set of mounting parts for tacho-generator or encoder

Make use of our enquiry form or simply call us. We are happy to assist you.

Spare parts inquiry

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    Please indicate the exact machine type and serial-no. of the machine in your inquiry.
    You can find the machine type and serial-no. on the name plate. They are marked in red on the example below

    On the exploded drawing of the DC-Machine all components of the machine are marked and labeled. If possible please use these descriptions for your inquiry. You can find the exploded drawing and the appropriate descriptions in the attached pdf-file below.


    Machine type: G5L280 M50C + LWK
    Serial-no.: 09-043 965

    Inquiry for:
    bearing drive end, item 6