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Oil & Gas | Lloyd Dynamowerke Bremen

Oil & Gas

Asynchronous motors as driver in a refinery


Application: Motors as driver used for a reciprocating compressor for gas compression in a refinery process.

Power: 7,200 kW

Speed: 323 rpm

Weight: 51,000 kg

Asynchronous motor as drive for a refinery

Oel und Gas / Kolbenkompressor SYN

Application: Motor as drive for a compressor for support of oil production.

Power: 11,500 kW

Speed: 1,500 rpm

Weight: 46,600 kg

Special cooler design to withstand even sandstorms in the desert.

Synchronous motor at a piston compressor

Oel und Gas / Kolbenverdichter SYN

Application: Motor as drive for a reciprocating compressor in a refinery process.

Power: 3,050 kW

Speed: 333 rpm

Weight: 26,000 kg

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Following machines are used in Oil & Gas area: